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Most things are clickable. Eg, click V5 to view all V5's in the database; or click CJ to view all first ascents by Chris Jones.


When looking at a boulder problem page

You can

  • Click photos or videos to view larger version
  • Comment if you think the information is wrong, you want beta, or you have a better description
  • Vote on whether you agree with stated grade
  • Add tags
  • Add to your ticklist or hitlist
  • See repetitions at the bottom of the page


Using the index

You can

  • Sort by anything in the list
  • Limit display to a selection of fields or grades
  • Only show things you have not ticked, or are not projects


Your profile

You can

  • View your hitlist as a list or on a map (only you can see your hitlist)
  • View your ticklist and see a summary of problems sent at each grade
  • Add a new climb to the database (please search for it first and make sure it's not a duplicate)


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