What is this?

Castlehillbasin.co.nz is a community website for sharing information and psyche on boulders (and now routes) in the Castle Hill Basin, Aotearoa New Zealand.

The site is used by the local climbers to record ascents and document climbs. It promotes sustainable practises to minimise the impacts of climbing and to encourage all climbers to become Kaitiaki of the Basin.

The site is mobile friendly and the Basin now has good mobile data coverage.

Boulders / Routes

The database in comprehensive V6 and up and contains information on the some best of the lower graded climbs. Each climb contains information like:

  • Geo-location
  • Quality (using the Capps systems)
  • Grades including range suggested by users
  • Descriptions of location and key information
  • Tags (highball ,slopers, friendly etc..)
  • First Ascent information
  • Repetitions list
  • Links to images / videos
  • Add to hitlist (to locate later)

Other features

  • Maps with HTML5 Geo-location
  • Indexes to hunt through and find climbs
  • Projects - lots of projects are shared
  • Logs - this new feature will make the basin a complete logging solution for your sends. As the data grows I will add more features to manage this
  • Graphs - only some at present but expect more!


Feedback or feature requests? 

Email us at admin@castlehillbasin.co.nz

The Joker