Flock Hill Safety Notice

Annual Lambing Closure 1st October - 25th December

Flock Hill is closed to all visitors during lambing with no exceptions

Flock Hill management reserves the right to change these dates to take into account seasonal variations


Absolutely no dogs, drones, firearms, smoking or naked flames on Flock Hill



Welcome to Flock Hill Station. We are required to advise you of potential hazards and basic safety requirements on Flock Hill. As the person taking responsibility for the visit please ensure all members of your party have read or are aware of the contents of this notice.


Climbers, please note:
  • Foot access only from gate near Parapet Rock
  • Please do not enter from Cave Stream Reserve
  • No permanent climbing aids please
  • Absolutely no drones.
  • Leave no litter. All rubbish should be taken from the crag, including biodegradables. Poo pots are a great idea.
  • Public toilets are at DOC Cave Stream Reserve.


Flock Hill is a working high country station.

As such there are many potential and real hazards including but not limited to;

  • Livestock - Wandering and being mustered
  • Vehicles, plant and machinery including main trunk railroad
  • Unstable and un-maintained tracks
  • Swamps, waterways, rivers, caves, cliffs, old mines
  • Sudden changes in weather and river levels
  • Fire
  • Animal control – Shooting and poisoning
  • Weed control – machine and spraying (ground and air)
  • Other farm operations e.g. fertilizer (ground and air)


There is limited cell phone coverage at Flock Hill.

You must have a pre agreed route or area you are visiting and have a person not with the group informed of who is with you, where you are going, when you are due out at the latest and what to do if you don’t make contact by the agreed time. Stick to your plan. A personal locator beacon is recommended.

You are responsible to ensure all members of your party are suitably equipped for your intended visit especially in the event of a sudden deterioration of the weather.


Leave gates as you find them 

Please report any unexpected hazards on your return.


Wilding Pine Trees are a menace

Please pull out as many as you can on your wanders! Read more about their ecological impact here.


As a visitor, or the person responsible for a party visiting Flock Hill Station, I acknowledge I am/we are on the property with no financial or other reward to Flock Hill Limited.

I/we have read and noted the safety notice and will abide by the directions contained within the notice, and take responsibility to ensure all members of the party do likewise.


Enjoy your visit to Flock Hill Station!