Prior to the existence of this website, Tom Hoyle wrote an article on the big four projects up at Flock Hill (Climber 64, Winter 2008). This article spurred furious action/attempts/discussion amongst "The Top Guys", and it took until 2018 for the last one to be climbed.

In the hunt for new projects the local crew in the mid 2000's adopted a 'clean the biggest raddest lines' attitude, the ones that you look at and think just maybe one person in the world could send it. We rapped, washed, photographed and attempted as many of the 'King Lines' we could, every now and then discovering some were within our grasp but mostly they remained in our dreams and are left for future climbers to attempt.

Now, finding the raddest project is as simple as clicking on 'project'. But this only tells part of the story. If you are a wannabe crusher, which project should you send to have all the sponsors knocking on your door?

Now of course this website is not extensive by any means - there are hundreds of hard projects that are either undiscovered or just dreamt about. Hopefully the new generation of pebblewrestlers will add them to this site as climbed boulders or projects for future generations.

Previous projects are tagged yesterdaysnews.