What's New

castlehillbasin.co.nz has been updated to the newest version of Drupal (10), which will be much faster and more mobile friendly.

The site has been completely rebuilt, with most data from the old site exported and brought across. There may be some anomalies with user hitlists and ticklists - if you find a problem email the details and we'll try to figure it out (there were 17,000 ticks or hitlist flags).

Send bugs/feedback to admin@castlehillbasin.co.nz  (Derek) with as much detail as possible.

Things to note:

  • Routes have been added - please help populate this data.
  • Grade voting is gone and now we have 'logs' (these will eventually replace the 'tick' feature). As logs get populated more features will be added.
  • Everything (hopefully) was imported from the old site as of 25/3/2020 (except images and comments).
  • The 'First ascent' field when adding a climb has totally changed. Initials are gone. If you add a climb please read the instructions carefully.
  • The flickr plugin has not been copied over. It was always super slow and we think that service might die in the near future.. Links to all flickr and video content have been brought across.
  • Feel free to add photos - images can be placed in the body text or added as a media item.
  • Videos - they are in the links list. They can be added as a media item, then they will embed in the page.



  • 'Ticks' have been replaced with 'Logs' (this has also replaced the 'grade vote'). All your ticks are still there. When you submit a new log for an existing tick the date will be pre-populated for you.
  • Replacing ticks with logs is optional for existing users, however the benefits of doing so include:
    • Contributing to grade suggestions on climbs (grade donut chart)
    • having accurate ascent dates in order to use the site as a comprehensive climb logging solution
    • future features that will utilise log data (trends, yearly summaries, rankings? etc)
    • populating the amazing 'bubble timeline graph'
  • Use the 'Ticks not Logged' link in the Tools menu to find your existing ticks to submit new logs.
  • Turning a tick into a log is simple: Navigate to the climb, scroll down to the LOG AND ASCENT box and:
    • Change date if needed (if it was already ticked it will have that date)
    • Change grade if you think it was different for you
    • Add a comment
    • Click Submit
  • All those steps are optional - you could just click 'submit' on each page.
  • The grade suggestions from logs generate the 'donut' graph, hover to see numbers.
  • I will add more features and ways of using log data as they populate, please make suggestions.
    • Yearly totals?
    • More graphs!