This page attempts to record some of the more notable achievements and challenges in the Basin. Send us an email with any amendments or additions.


The First of The Grade

the tag firstofthegrade lists problems that might be the first of each grade. Currently African Man Horse was completed before the first V11. If the grade of that settles this list may change.


Big Day Out V6

Single day challenge, six three star V6's at each of the nine major fields.

First done by Isaac, Alec and Matt on 26/09/2022


7a Century

Matt Corbish, Derek Thatcher 1/10/2023. 100 V6 and up problems in a day. Started 7am, finished by 6pm.



Here is a list of other potential challenges:

  • most V-points (currently probably 607 by Corbish/Derek)
  • Most of any grade in the day.
  • Hopping up Run and Jump Slab (almost achieved by Jon Sedon)


There are several small groups of problems that make an interesting challenge like Fontainebleau's Big-4 at Cuvier Rempart.